Interior Only

-Pressure wash floor mats
-Vacuum seats, carpets and hard-to-reach areas
-Shampoo seats and carpets
Disinfect and wipe down all plastics, vinyls, and leathers
-Steam-clean all stains, air vents, cracks and crevices
-Condition all surfaces

Exterior Wash

-Pressure Wash Rinse
-Foam Cannon Wash
-Microfiber Hand Scrub
-Second Final Rinse
-Microfiber Hand Dry
-Dry Door Jams
-Wipe Out Rims
-Shine Tires

Cut + Buff

-Remove Heavy swirling, scratching and paint transfers with a heavy cutting compound
-Finishing polish to seal and protect paint leaving it bright and glossy

Tiger Shark Package

-Full Interior (as seen above)
-Polish & Wax
-Exterior Wash (as seen above)

Great White Package

-Full Interior
-Exterior Wash
-Cut + Buff
-Polish + Wax
-Headlight Restoration/Protection
-Engine Bay Rinse and Detail

Polish + Wax

-Removes light swirling/scratching
-Hand Wax applied

Headlight Restoration

-Heavy sanding to remove oxidation, yellowing, hazing or scratched headlights
-24 month protective coating

Engine Bay Detail

-Full Scrub
-Soft Rinse
-Hand Dry
-Gloss Plastics

Additional Charges

-Heavy Pet Hair
-Heavy Mud/Sand/Dirt
-Extremely Soiled
-Toxic Odors/Chemicals

Paint Corrections

Ceramic Coatings

Plasti Dip

Specialty Vehicles

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