Mobile Detailing Prices

Mobile Detailing Prices Car Detailing Service in Kaysville and Roy, Utah

Please be sure to find prices according to the size of your vehicle then call ​801-866-9306 for scheduling

Vehicle SizeInterior Only Tiger SharkGreat White Shark  
Motorcycle----- ----------  
Cars$140-$200 $280-$360$400-$480  
2Row SUV$160-$240 $320-$400$420-$500  
Truck$180-$260 $360-$460$500-$600  
Mini Van$200-$280 $400-$500$500-$600  
3Row SUV$200-$280 $420-$520$540-$640  
Boat/RV--Call-- ----------  

Additional Packages

We do not offer a wash only service

Interior Only

  • Polish + Wax
  • Headlight Restoration




Polish + Wax

  • Pressure Wash,
  • Foam,
  • Hand Wash,
  • Rinse,
  • Microfiber Dry,
  • Single Stage Polish,
  • Hydrophobic Sealant Application

Headlight Restoration

  • Heavy sanding to remove oxidation, yellowing, hazing or scratched headlights
  • 24 month protective coating

Tiger Shark Package

  • Interior Detail + Polish and Wax


Great White Package

  • Full Interior
  • Exterior Wash
  • Cut + Buff
  • Polish + Wax
  • Headlight Restoration/Protection
  • Engine Bay Rinse and Detail

Cut + Buff

  • Remove Heavy swirling, scratching and paint transfers with a heavy cutting compound
  • Finishing polish to seal and protect paint leaving it bright and glossy
  • Please note this is a 2 Stage Polish. Please view "PRICING" tab for Paint Correction Details


Engine Bay Detail

  • Degrease
  • Full Scrub
  • Soft Rinse
  • Hand Dry
  • Gloss Plastics

Additional Charges

  • Heavy Pet Hair
  • Heavy Mud/Sand/Dirt
  • Extremely Soiled
  • Toxic Odors/Chemicals

Paint Corrections

Ceramic Coatings

Plasti Dip

Specialty Vehicles

Car detailing

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