Mobile Detailing Prices

Mobile Detailing Prices Car Detailing Service in Kaysville and Roy, Utah

Now servicing cities between Ogden - Farmington for FREE. *Travel fees may apply to areas further North/South*

Prices listed below are based on an average scale per size of vehicle. Everyone uses their vehicle different and not all vehicles are in the same condition causing prices to fluctuate per customer. We do our best to treat each customer and vehicle as a unique case and charge accordingly to ensure fairness to all.

Please be sure to find prices according to the size of your vehicle then call ​801-866-9306 for scheduling

Vehicle SizeInterior Only Tiger SharkGreat White Shark  
Motorcycle----- ----------  
Cars$200 $350$450  
2Row SUV$250 $400$500  
Truck$250 $450$550  
Mini Van$300 $500$600  
3Row SUV$300 $500$600  
Boat/RV--Call-- ----------  

Additional Packages

We do not offer a wash only service

Interior Only

  • 150psi blow out and Vacuum to get into all the hard to reach areas
  • Shampoo and Scrub down
  • Rinse and extraction
  • -Panel scrub down
  • -Polish and Shine
  • -Scent added upon request
  • Gloss/Conditioner added upon request

Polish + Wax (3 Stage Correction)

  • Pressure Wash,
  • Foam,
  • Hand Wash,
  • Rinse,
  • Microfiber Dry,
  • Single Stage Polish,
  • Hydrophobic Sealant Application

Headlight Restoration

  • Heavy sanding to remove oxidation, yellowing, hazing or scratched headlights
  • 24 month protective coating

Tiger Shark Package

  • Interior Detail + Polish and Wax


Great White Package

  • Full Interior
  • Exterior Wash
  • Cut + Buff
  • Polish + Wax
  • Headlight Restoration/Protection
  • Engine Bay Rinse and Detail

Cut + Buff (4 Stage Correction)

  • Remove Heavy swirling, scratching and paint transfers with a heavy cutting compound
  • Finishing polish to seal and protect paint leaving it bright and glossy
  • Please note this is a 2 Stage Polish. Please view "PRICING" tab for Paint Correction Details


Engine Bay Detail

  • Degrease
  • Full Scrub
  • Soft Rinse
  • Hand Dry
  • Gloss Plastics

Additional Charges

  • Heavy Pet Hair
  • Heavy Mud/Sand/Dirt
  • Extremely Soiled
  • Toxic Odors/Chemicals

Car detailing

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